Local Coaches


Most of the top scholastic players in Gainesville have weekly lessons from local chess coaches. Beginners and intermediate players can benefit dramatically from good coaches. There are a number of chess coaches that are recommended by the ACSCA:

1. Beginner coach:Tim Staley,404 242-6728, staleytimothy@hotmail.comCurrently Timcoaches chess at Milhopper Montesari as well as Queen of Peace schools. He does private lessons as well as group lessons.

2. Beginner coach:Don Pyne, 352-514-5872, donaldpyne@yahoo.com

3. Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced coach:
Miguel Ararat, miguel.ararat@gmail.com; Miguel holds an Advanced Level III Chess Coach certificate (USCF) and National Instructor certification issued by FIDE.

4. Beginner coach: Bill Waite, wsw32606@yahoo.com

Currently we roughly consider:
Beginner players are rated < 800
Intermediate players are rated 800-1200
Advanced players are rated > 1200

Note: If you are a local chess coach and want to be added to this list, let John Harris know (johngharris@gmail.com)

John Harris 2018